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Guild Wars 2 Guide to T6 material

Guild Wars 2 is a game full of surprises that even veteran players come across and gaze in awe. Because of this, there are a lot of tips and tricks for GW2 that you might never come across unless you get your hands on a Guild Wars 2 guide like this one. In this GW2 guide we will discuss what are and how to get T6 materials in Guild Wars 2. Be ready, there are things here that you might have never knew. So let us guide your way to acquiring T6 material in GW2.

What is T6 material

A Tier 6 material (Or a T6 as I shall hence forth call it) is a Common or Fine Crafting material used in Exotic and various Mystic Forge recipes. The FINE crafting materials include, Ancient Bone, Vicious Claws, Piles of Crystalline Dust, Vicious Fang, Armored Scales, Elaborate Totem, Powerful Venom Sac and (the ever so expensive) Vial of Powerful Blood. For COMMON crafting materials, these include Gossamer Scraps, Gossamer Bolts, Gossamer Thread, Orichalcum Ore, Orichalcum Ingot, Hardened Leather Section, Cured Hardended Leather sections, Ancient Wood Log and Ancient Wood Planks. I will also be considered Karka Shells as a T6 Material, even though it is considered “untiered”

How to get it

Temple Runs, Orrian Events and Heavy Moldy Bags.

This was something a lot of people argued with me back when the first post came out. At the time, I didn’t feel it was the best way to get the materials as that it wasn’t horribly reliable (Please note, this was 7 months ago). Since then, this has drastically changed. Heavy Moldy Bags are a great way to get T5 and T6 materials. Opening Temples and doing Events in Orr (specifically Cursed Shore) that cause a lot of mobs to spawn is the best way to get these bags. Need something specific? Sell everything except the one you need and buy the rest.

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